NMSA Announces Historic Philosophy Fellowship

Naturopathic Medical Student Association (NMSA) and Foundations of Naturopathic Medicine (FNM) Project Offer $12,000 Naturopathic Philosophy Fellowship.







(PORTLAND, OR.) July 14, 2016— Naturopathic Medicine Student Association (NMSA), the student-governed nonprofit representing North American naturopathic physicians-in-training, is pleased to announce a ground-breaking Fellowship in partnership with the Foundations of Naturopathic Medicine (FNM) Project, and made possible through the generous support of Emerson Ecologics and NFH (Nutritional Fundamentals for Health).

“I would like to express our sincere gratitude to our generous sponsors: Emerson Ecologics and NFH and to our Fellowship Partner – the Foundations of Naturopathic Medicine Project,” said NMSA president, Craig Mehrmann, “This fellowship is the first opportunity of its kind.” 

Applications will be accepted between August 15, 2016 and August 31, 2016. The NMSA Foundations Philosophy Fellowship winner will be announced on September 7, 2016, at the 13th annual NMSA Convention awards ceremony. Selection of the recipient is competitive, based upon qualifications and an essay written by candidates who are current or recently graduated NMSA members from the following schools:

University of Bridgeport * Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine * Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and Health Sciences * Bastyr University Seattle * Bastyr University San Diego * National University of Natural Medicine * Boucher Institute * National University of Health Sciences * El Turabo University

 “I encourage you to apply today!” said Pamela Snider, ND, FNM Executive & Senior Editor: “We are excited to offer Naturopathic students and recent graduates this opportunity in partnership with our colleagues and friends at NMSA, Emerson Ecologics and NFH.”

Available to current NMSA members and past NMSA members who graduated 2013 or later, the NMSA/Foundations Philosophy Fellow winner will collaborate with naturopathic medicine’s respected leaders, scholars, research scientists and theorists from around the world on completion of the first international textbook on the foundational concepts of naturopathic medicine and their codified application.

Jaclyn Chasse, ND, Emerson Ecologics Vice President of Scientific & Regulatory Affairs shares that she “is pleased that the Emerson Grant was awarded to FNM and will be dedicated in this collaborative way, supporting the Emerson Ecologics commitment to the continued emergence of naturopathic medicine and integrative healthcare and wellness.”

“We are so pleased to support this fellowship,” said Leah Gillingham, MSc, PhD, NFH Chief Scientific Officer, “This collaborative directly supports our mission at NFH to improve health and wellness by bridging the gap between nutraceuticals and evidence-based medicine.”

Complete details about the Fellowship and application instructions available here.

Send inquiries to info@naturopathicstudent.org .

NMSA is a unified, sustainable, ethical and professional voice for naturopathic medical students across North America. NMSA advocates for naturopathic physicians-in-training, and inspires educational and community building initiatives that prepare naturopathic medical students with tools, experiences and connections necessary to become successful physicians. www.naturopathicstudent.org

The Foundations of Naturopathic Medicine Project is producing a seminal international textbook on the philosophy, theory, and principles of naturopathic medicine – a synthesis of the knowledge and understanding of the naturopathic scholastic community, colleges and the global naturopathic medical community. This work is a rigorous, comprehensive medical textbook for naturopathic and integrative medical education which advances the understanding of medicine that respects nature, vitalism and holism in western healthcare and the healing professions. FNM is based at the National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM), the project’s Academic Home. www.foundationsproject.net; www.nunm.edu


Emerson Ecologics is dedicated to the continued emergence of natural healthcare and wellness by fully supporting healthcare practitioners in providing the care their patients need to evolve to a more proactive and balanced approach for health at all ages.   Emerson Ecologics  https://www.emersonecologics.com/

NFH (Nutritional Fundamentals for Health), works to help the population better understand the keys to individual health with the mission to improve the health and wellness of the population by the development and promotion of nutraceuticals that are effective and safe to prevent disease and improve health. NFH is committed to peer-to-peer education based on industry leading research and clinical application of evidence-based nutritional supplements carefully developed with the expertise of world-class leaders in research and primary-care. Nutritional Fundamentals for Health (NFH) http://www.nfh.ca/


Craig Mehrmann, President                                   Pamela Snider ND, Executive & Senior Editor

NMSA                                                                                FNM

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