Naturopathic Medicine Week Challenge!

Naturopathic Medicine Week has officially kicked off in the United States! And with that, so has the Naturopathic Medicine Week Challenge!

Naturopathic Medical Student Association Chapters across the U.S. are engaged in a competition for a Cash Prize and the ultimate award… THE GOLDEN AVOCADO!


Isn’t it a beauty? Just imagine carrying it around campus, all your classmates yelling and screaming, and it being put in the trophy case at your school. Pure, saturated fat glory.

How do you earn points for your school? Get in contact with your local NMSA chapter president about getting engaged in events around your campus. Each event is awarded points, the points are recorded, and the school with the most points, WINS!

Check back here for daily updates on how your school is doing! Now go out there and spread the word!



Final Standings! Congratulations Bastyr Washington!



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