Leadership Blog Series – 2017 is for Dancing

NMSA Blog Post: 2017 – Let’s Indulge 

First things first, I’m sharing one of my favorite holiday drinks. Brew this puppy up, crack open a book by the fire or stare at the winter scene outside, and feel the warmth!


Rye and Ginger Hot Toddy

1 1/2 ounces rye whiskey

2 teaspoons honey

2 to 3 thin slices fresh ginger, peeled

Lemon wedge

Hot water

In a teapot with one cup of water add the ginger.

Heat until the teapot whistles. If using a saucepot to heat your water add the ginger and strain when pouring into your whiskey and honey mixture.

In a mug add the whiskey, honey, and juice of the lemon wedge. Strain the ginger infused hot water into the mug.

Stir to dissolve the honey and enjoy.

Source: The Perfect Rye and Ginger Hot Toddy


Now that you’ve got a drink in hand, you may continue reading. Because I have a confession to make.

I have this obsession with choreography videos on YouTube. It’s bad. You do not want to know how many channels I am subscribed to. If someone were to get on my YouTube account, they’d assume that I was a dancer, not a doctor-in-training (and I’d secretly love that person for it). I swear that in a past life I must have been a dancer. A flapper maybe? Feet flailing all over the place and having way too much fun? OH! Maybe I danced the Tango… all passion and fire!!! Now you may be asking yourself at this point, “Well Brice, why haven’t you signed up for dance lessons?”

You see, there’s a problem with this pipe dream. Anyone that knows me knows how unbelievably awkward and completely inflexible I am. Seriously. There’s a reason I never did any sport that required the slightest amount of coordination or flexibility. All I ever did (and still do) is running. Putting one foot in front of the other and not falling is about all my motor cortex is capable of. The intricacies of dance would short-circuit my poor brain faster than a Samsung Galaxy Note 7. I had come to terms with giving up my future career as a sizzling Salsa dancer and moved on. I accepted my two left feet as a genetic limitation on my capabilities.

But a piece of me has always said, “If you could go back and tell yourself to take up dance, you totally would.”

As we get ready to move into a new year, I’ve started reflecting on how 2016 shaped up. There is a lot to be proud for in the past year, and there’s a lot that I want to improve upon. My number #1? To get over the “I can’t because (insert excuse X, Y, or Z).” You see, it’s during these times of reflection that I notice a consistent theme: the only things that I have ever regretted, are the things that I didn’t do. So going into 2017, I’m going to challenge myself. I challenge myself to move outside of my comfort zone and not to listen to those self-imposed limitations or “genetic handicaps”. After all, the greatest growth happens when we’re uncomfortable. So 2017, bring it. Time to get used to being uncomfortable, because then I can look back on 2017 with a smile, and say, “Yeah, I did all that.”


My first dance lesson is January 12th. Tango. When’s yours?



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