Naturopathic Medicine Week Canada

Naturopathic Medicine Week-A Boucher Students’ Perspective

From May 8th to May 14,th students from the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine (BINM) participated in the Canadian Naturopathic Medicine (Nat Med) Week! The week consisted of multiple different events that BINM students participated in, competing to win points both for their cohorts and for the school. Aside from these main events, there were a variety of different activities the cohorts could participate in to earn extra points. Despite a week packed full of midterm exams, Nat Med Week provided a perfect mesh of healthy competition and comedic relief.

The first event of the week was the annual student NMSA Boucher cup. One representative from each cohort came to represent their classmates in answering NPLEX-style questions. Students came to support and watch the exciting competition that resulted in a team winning points for their cohort.

The second and third event of the week showed that regardless of whether you are a student or a professor, musical chairs is still an entertaining and suspense filled game. Additionally, eating grapes blindfolded requires serious coordination and tongue dexterity! The NMSA student and professor Olympics really brought the student body together to cheer on their representatives.

One of the most popular events of the week, the well-attended professor trivia competition, featured the president of BINM, the heads of the biomedicine department and the physical medicine department. After many rounds of questioning the profs on the spelling of Glycyrrhiza glabra, active constituents of herbs, principles, and history of naturopathic medicine, and many other topics, the competition was still quite close. The final events involved teaming up into pairs of two and channeling one’s creative skills. Students were treated to a compelling speech about the healing power of nature while our president swayed, fluttered and galloped around with a surprisingly natural elegance. This was followed by an enlightening speech on many of the principles of naturopathic medicine that had a witty comedic miming to go along with it.   All around, this day provided the perfect comedic relief for many students at the end of midterm week.

Nat Med week at Boucher concluded with a kale chip cook off.  Despite the arduous nature of midterm week, there were many students who submitted their unique kale chip recipes. For the judges and any students who saw the chance to get a free snack, all the tasters were amazed at the students’ abilities to turn a plain piece of kale into such a tasty treat.

After the culmination of the last event, Nat Med week was still very much alive on social media throughout the weekend with posts, photos, and discussions on Naturopathic medicine. Taking some time away from studying to speak or post about naturopathic medical was a great way to share our excitement for naturopathic medicine and remember some of the reasons we chose to enter such an incredible profession. Our winning cohort had an extra impressive presence on social media and took home the overall Nat Med Week BINM award!

Although in some ways this week was a competition, the real environment was a mesh of comradery, jokes, teamwork, and interpretive dance moves. This week was a chance to band together towards a common goal and share our love for the naturopathic profession. Ultimately, it is events like these that continue to build up the unique community feeling that roams the halls at BINM and keep us grounded in this profession we are all so passionate about.


By: Jessalyn Shammess


Jessalyn is currently a second year student at the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine. She received her Bachelor of Science in both Kinesiology/Health Sciences and Nutrition. She is passionate about the marriage of traditional knowledge and the evolving field of naturopathic research. When she is not studying or in class, she is likely to be chasing waves, fresh powder or wandering around the mountains.


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