Press Release – 2018 NMSA Public Policy Fellows

The NMSA welcomes Valerie Kremer of CCNM and Aubrey Corbett of NUNM as the Public Policy Fellows of 2018.

(PORTLAND, OR.) January 22nd, 2018—The Naturopathic Medical Student Association (NMSA), the student-governed non-profit representing North American naturopathic physicians-in-training, would like to warmly congratulate second-year student Valerie Kremer of CCNM, and third-year student Aubrey Corbett of NUNM—our new 2018 Public Policy Fellows.

“I am so honored to be one of the NMSA Public Policy Fellowship recipients and to represent the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. I believe that the future of naturopathic medicine lies within advocacy and public policy efforts of students and professionals in our field.”

—Valerie Kremer, CCNM

As the Public Policy Fellow of Canada, Valerie Kremer plans to represent the NMSA and CCNM at the Integrative Congress on Integrative Medicine in Baltimore, MD in May 2018 and she is looking forward to expanding legislative efforts and awareness at CCNM.


Coming from a state without licensure, Aubrey has attended DC-FLI for the past two years. She aims to direct her efforts towards getting licensure in New Jersey so that NDs can offer a wider array of support for patients in the integrative medical model.

“…as New Jersey gets licensed there is a stronger likelihood that it’s close neighbor New York will soon follow through. I want to trudge through the grassroots efforts and be extremely diligent about New Jersey and other states being licensed…I hope to target my passion a bit more now that I am feeling more prepared and knowledgeable about legislative efforts.”

—Aubrey Corbett


The Public Policy Fellowship was created in partnership with NCMIC. This Fellowship was awarded as part of the third annual NMSA Fellowship program.

The NMSA advocates for naturopathic physicians-in-training, and inspires educational and community building initiatives that prepare naturopathic medical students with tools, experiences and connections necessary to become successful physicians. For more information about the NMSA and our programs, please visit

Public Policy Fellowship Press Release


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