Join the Advocacy Effort!

NMSA participates in advocacy by representing the student voice in profession-wide planning tables and through supporting state/provincial and national licensing and lobbying efforts. Naturopathic medical students play a pivotal role in supporting advocacy efforts and evolving our profession. NMSA is here to make your voice heard.

CLICK HERE to read the Naturopathic Medical Student Bill of Rights and Responsibilities.

Part of the role of an ND is to advocate for the rights of our profession, as well as for our future patients who have the right to safe and effective natural therapies and access to licensed Naturopathic doctors.

Whether or not your state or province is licensed can have huge impacts on your future Naturopathic practice. It may have far reaching consequences on what you may or may not do: Can you run lab work? Can you accept insurance? Can you even take a blood pressure? Once you know where you want to practice, contact your state association to offer your services and learn the current scope of practice.

Connect with your ND state/provincial representatives:



Join your colleagues to lobby for naturopathic medicine on Capitol Hill! Attend the Washington DC Federal Legislative Initiative (DC FLI)