Conversation’s on the Future

of Naturopathic Medicine

Virtual Discussion #1 of 3

November 10, 2018 at 8am PDT

In what is being called a “watershed moment” for the naturopathic profession, organizers have announced the launch of a grassroots initiative to strengthen the culture of collaboration in the profession. The goals of the facilitated process are to gather input from all individuals and organizations that care about the profession’s future to ultimately unify around an action agenda that will best serve the health of patients, the public, and the planet.

The Naturopathic Medicine Collaborative will be continuing the discussion about the future of the Naturopathic Medicine. It is up to us to join the conversation and create awareness about the importance of this summit.

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About the NMC Summit

Lead organizers are a “vision team” that includes Dr. Beeson, the AANP’s 2016 Naturopathic Physician of the Year, INM President and CEO Michelle Simon, PhD, ND, Seattle, WA-based naturopathic physician Jeana Kimball, ND, MPH, and AANP Executive Director and 2014 Champion of Naturopathic Medicine Laura Farr. Ten Directions, an integral coaching and consulting company based in Canada, will manage the meeting and the yearlong engagement process.  A twelve-member planning team is guiding the process.

The vision team engaged the work amidst an awareness of growing diversity among naturopathic doctors’ practice models, pressures, and needs. These are reflected in diverse opinions about professional identity and scope, about how the profession should relate to the economics of clinical practice, how to participate in various payment regimes, and how to best position itself for maximum impact on the health of the public. These are among the issues in this “strategic conversation” the NMC Summit and the Ten Directions-facilitated process are designed to address.

Dr. Simon also underscores the importance of the NMC Summit in strengthening the profession’s potential to lead: “Advocacy is at the heart of everything we do as licensed naturopathic doctors. It begins with motivating healthy lifestyles among our patients who we’re privileged to serve and includes fostering models of clinical care and policy change built on the principles of health promotion and disease prevention,” she said. “This calling comes with an attendant agreement to be advocates for our profession as well as for the health of the public. The NMC Summit invites voices from across the naturopathic community as we together shape the future of our work for years to come. This really is a watershed moment that we’re truly excited about.”

Important Talking Points

  • Throughout the naturopathic profession, conversations have been emerging regarding the future of the profession within student groups, educational, professional and specialty organizations, and among practicing NDs. 
  • The Naturopathic Medicine Collaborative (NMC) is facilitating a year-long conversation to strengthen the culture of collaboration in our profession.
  • The conversation kicked off in July, and there’s a lot more discussion to be had – so there will be 3 facilitated virtual conversations this year.
  • You are invited!
  • With your input, we can build a culture of collaboration and a future that will best serve the health of patients, the public, and the planet. 

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Naturopathic Doctors: join your colleagues for a breakfast conversation on the future of our profession on November 10!  Topics we will cover in this first of three facilitated, live virtual discussions are “Our core identities as naturopathic doctors,” and “Our shared goal of building a positive professional culture.” Together, we can build a culture of collaboration and develop a shared action agenda to best serve the health of patients, the public, and the planet.   Join the discussion  to shape our profession!

This conversation is hosted by the Naturopathic Medicine Collaborative, a group of 76 stakeholder organizations in the naturopathic medicine community.


NDs! Join your colleagues for a facilitated virtual breakfast conversation about the future of our profession on Nov 10.  With your input, we can build a culture of collaboration to shape our profession. #natmed