Leadership Blog Series: Residency Round-up

Welcome to our leadership blog series! This month,  Britta Nevitt -the Chapter President of Bastyr California – discusses naturopathic residency opportunities and events taking place the BUC campus.

Residency Round-up

On January 16th, 2019, Bastyr California’s NMSA held our very first Residency Round-up: Speed Interviews and Networking Mixer. This event was a beautiful collaboration between NMSA, Bastyr California MSNW students, Bastyr Career Services, SGA, Microbiome Labs and Secco Wines. We were blown away by the power of collaboration and inspired enthusiasm when an incredible team comes together.

During this event, we had an opportunity for students to interact and practice timed, mock speed-interviews with doctors, professors, and alumni. We had an incredible spread of food prepared by our Master of Nutrition for Wellness students, as well as generous product donations from Secco Wines and Microbiome Labs.

In addition to great food, great people, and great networking, we were reminded of the reason we joined this profession: to solidify and strengthen the spread of integrative and whole-person medicine to those in need. Too often, our passion to do our best in these efforts can allow fear to get the best of us, and the pressure of residency applications, interviews, jobs and interactions with our community leaders can grow rigid with stress.

During this night of excited mingling and speed interviews with the best and brightest minds in our field, we were reminded of the reasons we started on this journey to begin with. It is safe to say that everyone’s first “speed interview” felt rushed, almost frantic in nature, as we nervously blurted out our elevator speech. But with each call to switch between interviewers, a growing sense of ease could be felt around the room as each student ditched their rehearsed sales pitch and truly engaged with the inspirational doctors on the other side of table. It is easy to get caught up in the rigid necessities of qualifying to become Naturopathic Doctors, but I believe we are all at our best when we can feel our desire to serve in this incredible approach to medicine. When we practice in inspired interactions like these, we remind ourselves that an interview is just a conversation.

I would like to extend a special thanks to our Residency Representative, Melissa Manda, for being the brilliant mastermind behind this event, as well as Brandi Holmes, our Fundraising and Social Events Representative and Sharon Leary of Bastyr Career Services for their coordination and ability to bring this event to fruition. Thanks to Judy Rosas, our Public Relations and Social Media Rep, for beautifully spreading the word. We appreciate the amazing Bastyr MSNW students Maggie, Devon, Bella, Casey and Noel for volunteering long hours in the Bastyr kitchen cooking up the most delicious whole food and organic hors d’oeuvres!  Thanks to Microbiome Labs for making this event possible and for inspiring NMSA every day. Thanks to Secco Wines for your generous donation and quality conversation. Thanks to SGA, and to ALL of the incredible students, doctors, mentors and teachers who participated in this event to make it come to life!

The Bastyr California NMSA Chapter is incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work with faculty, staff, and outside entities to bring student-led collaborative initiatives to life. Through these efforts, we inject our passion even beyond the clinic and the classroom, and into the community. It is this magnificent teamwork that has sparked countless events and opportunities this year as we continue to build eachother up and recognize the hard work of others. We are proud to call ourselves the Naturopathic Medical Student Association, inspired by all of our fellow chapters across North America!

Author: Britta Nevitt


Britta is a 4th year Naturopathic Medical student at Bastyr University, California. After completing her Bachelor’s of Science in Nutritional Science, Physiology & Metabolism at UC Berkeley, Britta developed a passion for finding the root cause of disease, precision diagnostics and whole-person medicine. As the NMSA Chapter President for BUC, it is her honor and privilege to further the movement towards an effective, personalized, and integrative health care system that combines every pillar of evidence-based medicine: research, patient values/preference, and clinical experience.

Outside of school, Britta enjoys hiking, swimming, traveling and farmers markets. She has volunteered with several organizations including the Family Support Services of the Bay Area and Health Information in Kids Education, worked in four different research labs, and has held leadership positions from high school through graduate school. She is excited to create new opportunities for Naturopathic Medicine, increase global access to healthcare, and further collaboration with all medical/healthcare professionals.

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