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NMSA Annual Conference 2021 (August 21-22)

The NMSA Cup is a trivia competition between teams representing each naturopathic medical school.

The NMSA Cup is held during the NMSA Annual Conference.

Discounts for NMSA Members

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NMSA Monthly Newsletter

All NMSA Members receive the NMSA Newsletter Monthly on their school email. If you're not receiving the NMSA Newsletter, please contact the Vice President of Communication at

Find NMSA Monthly Newsletters 2020-21 here


Interested in writing a blog for the NMSA Monthly Newsletter ? Send an email to the Vice President of Communication at

Get Involved Within NMSA International !

Contact us at

By offering NMSA members the opportunity to join our meetings, we hope to improve the transparency of our work and to increase the involvement and understanding of members in decision making and other processes within NMSA International.

NMSA International Board Meeting are usually held on Sundays at 11am PST / 02pm EST.

You'll be allowed to introduce yourself briefly at the beginning of the meeting and to provide a brief feedback at the end of the meeting.

Please send an email at if you're interested in attending one of our meetings.


Join NMSA International Working Groups

Are you interested in collaborating with NMSA members from other naturopathic schools across North America ?
Would you like to work on exciting projects related to one of your areas of interest ?

You can apply to be part of these NMSA International Working Groups:

- Global Health
- Integrative Medicine
- Naturopathic Medicine Legislation
- Naturopathic Medicine Philosophy
- Professional Development
- Research
- Social Justice

To apply, send an email at with your full name, school and your motivation to be part of the working group of your choice.

The Wisconsin Naturopathic Doctors Association (WNDA) Legislative Team is in need of a techy-savvy volunteer to take on the task of setting up, maintaining, and ensuring flawless function of our political advocacy system, SoftEdge. The ideal person needs to be available for immediate direct communication with the WNDA Legislative Team, passionate about licensure of NDs in Wisconsin, and able to do this job for at least 2 years. If interested, please contact the WNDA Legislative Team at

The New Jersey Association of Naturopathic Physicians (NJANP) is looking for students to get involved in advocacy efforts. We have a licensure bill that was introduced in 2020 and are wanting to add strength in numbers to move momentum forward! If you would like to get involved in this due to advocacy interests, or if you are from/planning to move to NJ, please reach out to

You can also reach out to Dr. Aubrey Corbett if you have any questions about this at

DC FLI is organized by the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians.

Learn more Here 

The Virginia Association of Naturopathic Physicians is looking for a naturopathic student who's interested in practicing in Virginia to be part of their board of directors as a Student Rep.
To apply to serve in that position:
Deadline: March 2nd, 2021
Please note that you must be VAANP member to apply. Student membership is a one-time $25 fee. Application for membership is at:

New York Association of Naturopathic Physicians (NYANP) seeks a student rep who is from New York and/or is interested in practicing there after graduation. The student rep is expected to share information with fellow students about NYANP conferences, webinars and other events including the state's yearly Lobby Day and reaching out to state legislators via letters or phone calls.
In exchange, the student rep will be featured on the NYANP website with their photo and a short biography. In addition, they have free NYANP membership and are welcomed to communicate with board members with questions about working as an ND in New York.
Time requirement: 1 academic/calendar year
To apply or if you need more information, contact NYANP Executive Director, Nicole Nenninger at
NYANP website:

Apply for NMSA Fellowships

Aim of the NMSA Fellowship Program

The long-term goal of the NMSA Fellowship Fund is to create opportunities for naturopathic physicians-in-training to participate in projects which augment their studies and enrich their surrounding communities through service, education, research, and self-study. Fellowships are awarded on a yearly basis to outstanding naturopathic medical students who show great potential and self-determination.

NMSA Anna MacIntosh Junior Investigator Research Fellowship

The NMSA Anna MacIntosh Junior Investigator Research Fellowship will allow students to work on special projects with their local mentors, culminating in the Fellow’s presentation of the research to NMSA members, residents, and/or physicians at the NMSA Annual Conference. Naturopathic medical students and recent graduates have much to learn and contribute to the education of their colleagues and patients in adherence to Docere – Doctor as Teacher.

NMSA celebrates diversity. All eligible students are encouraged to apply.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Current NMSA member, or recent ND graduate (within 2 years) from a CNME-accredited institution
  • Must have an ability to commit an average of 10 hours/month to the success of their project
  • Ability to fulfill the project within 12 months of award
  • Additional eligibility requirements may apply for those fellowships as each fellowship is unique.
  • Awards are not renewable, nor are they transferable from one junior investigator to another

Selection Process:

This award is competitive. A committee of researchers and NMSA leaders will select the Research Fellow from the set of candidates. 

Fellowship requires:  

  • Project proposal for the application must include the following:
    • Abstract 
    • Literature review with References
    • Outline of Research Objectives
    • Proposed project
    • Budget
    • Timeline
  • Mentors Should be identified by the applicant prior to application. 
  • The Fellow must provide monthly updates to NMSA on the current standing of their project successes, financing, and developments.
  • A written summary of progress is to be provided at the end of the award.
  • Funding is to be used exclusively for the project outlined in the award application.
  • The Fellow is expected to present the research to NMSA members, residents, and/or physicians at the NMSA Annual Conference, which is TBD. 

This award is made possible through a generous grant from NPLEX and will grant one award recipient $5000USD to be able to develop, carry out and present their research projects to the naturopathic community. 

The Purpose of the NMSA Public Policy fund is to provide naturopathic students with an opportunity to develop leadership skills, and advance external affairs work on behalf of NMSA and coordinate NMSA involvement in legislative efforts.
Two awards are granted each year - one to a student from a canadian naturopathic school and one from a naturopathic school in the US or Puerto Rico.

These fellowships are provided by NCMIC.

Emergency Medicine Series w/ Dr. Joy Hardison, MD, MPH - Recordings


NMSA Integrative Oncology Competition - Recording

  • Monica Dixon + Andrea Poy ---> 1st prize : Free Textbook of Naturopathic Oncology + Access to the Pearlz Clinical eBook Series (Offered by Dr Gurdev Parmar) + 50 USD / team member
  • Kerry Gilman + Jeff Martineau ---> 2nd prize: Free OncANP Annual Membership (Offered by OncANP) + 50 USD / team member
  • Erica Eckstrand + Tara Coppola ---> 3rd prize: 50 USD / team member

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How to Get Started with Creating Your Nurture Sequence_ (Valerie Gettings' step by step guide to save you time, energy, and stress of automating your email sequence = your list!)

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