Connect with National and State Associations through NMSA

NMSA represents the voice of over 2,600 ND students by writing positions papers to state/provincial and federal governments, letters supporting state/provincial-level licensing and scope expansion, and sending in-person delegates to represent at public hearings and numerous planning tables

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Chapters at all 9 naturopathic colleges

NMSA Newsletter

Leadership development and training

Supporting student efforts (contact us with your goals – see how we can support you)

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Annual Student Conference

Partnership with AANP’s DC FLI

Local Chapter events (mixers, social hours, lectures)

Naturopathic Medicine Week Challenge

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Launch our professional career with the NMSA!

Network at NMSA Events

Join your greater community at the NMSA Conference, the NMSA Cup, and AANP’s DC FLI to bolster your education and build invaluable networks of professionals.

Mentorship Connections

Providing opportunities for students to network with professionals and practitioners in intimate settings that are often missing from curriculum.

Professional Relationships

AANP’s Board of Directors, Council on Naturopathic Medical Education, Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors (CAND), Natural Doctors International (NDi), Integrative Health Policy Consortium (IHPC), the American Medical Student Association (AMSA), and all ND schools, etc.

Seats in Multiple Organizations

Naturopathic Coordinating Council (NCC), International Health Policy Consortium (IHPC), American Association of Naturopathic Physicians House of Delegates (AANP HOD)

Get Involved with the NMSA!

Membership Levels

Student Member 

A student member will be a naturopathic medical student currently enrolled in a college of naturopathic medicine recognized by the CNME as an accredited or candidate school or a naturopathic medical student graduating within the same calendar year.

Legacy Member 

A legacy member will be a naturopathic physician who is a graduate of a college of naturopathic medicine recognized by the CNME or its federally recognized successor agency that is acceptable to the CNME wishing to support the purposes of this Corporation and who is individually recognized as appropriate by the board or its designee.

Affiliate Member 

An affiliate member will be a student, or practitioner, of a licensed healthcare profession other than naturopathic medicine or an undergraduate student. 

Voice, Voting and Holding Office

Members shall be empowered in the business of the NMSA as follows:

Student Members

Student members will be empowered with full rights and privileges to have a voice in the business of the Corporation, and to vote and to hold office, in the manner described in these bylaws and the Corporation policy documents. 

Legacy Members 

Legacy members may not vote and may not serve as Executive Officers of the Association.

Affiliate Members 

Affiliate members may not vote and may not serve as Executive Officers of the Association."

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