Membership Benefits

  1. Leadership Development

    • Members can run for NMSA officer positions during our annual elections and become trained leaders for their futures as entrepreneurs, non-profit workers, and leaders in the naturopathic medical community.
    • Apply for the NMSA Fellowship program in targeted areas such as Public Policy, Integrative Medicine, Research, Philosophy, and Global Health (see below). If there are other areas you are interested in that would work well under a Fellowship, please contact us!
    • Apply for one of our paid internship positions (contact
      • Social Media, Event Planning, Development, Marketing

    Membership Website

    • Access to the NEON CRM, a non-profit membership management software which gives you access to our Membership Benefits pages, applications, and elections, and more!
    • Membership resources on professional development, advocacy, and legislative updates.
    • Continuous communications, blogs, news, and other information on what’s going on in our community.

    Fellowship Program

    • The NMSA Fellowship program was launched as a way to advance student interest in project areas such as: Philosophy, Research, Integrative Medicine, Public Policy, Global Health, etc. Interested members are encouraged to check back regularly for announcements! For all fellowship applications, please fill out the FELLOWSHIP APPLICATION document and download fellowship specific documentation in the description.
    • Integrative Medicine Fellowship – 2017 Awarded. Keep an eye out for 2018!
    • Research Fellowship – Applications open October 1-15, 2017!
    • Global Health Fellowships – 2017 Awarded. Keep an eye out for 2018!
    • Public Policy Fellowship – COMING SOON!

    Scholarships and Grants

    • 5 Bragg Nutrition Scholarships ($2,000 each) – 2017 Awarded! Congrats to our WinnersCheck back next year!
    • NMSA NDi Brigade Scholarship! – Winter brigades awarded! Check back again in the Fall!
    • Travel Grant fund available to all members ($7,200)
      • Four travel grants are awarded a month at a value of $200 each. Travel grants are awarded through a random drawing between all eligible applications.
      • Eligibility criteria:
        • Applicant is a NMSA Member*
        • Application is received between the 1st – 10th of the month
        • Event is no more than 6 months away or 90 days past
        • Event aligns with NMSA principles and supports the development of the physician-in-training
        • Applicant has not already received a NMSA Travel Grant in the same academic (i.e. August 1 – August 1) year
      • For questions, please email:
    • Chapter-level funding to attend events, such as the DC FLI, CFMS, AMSA, and more (varies by chapter)

    *In order to access the Travel Grant Form, you must log in first!