Video Resources

Dr. Tyna Moore Marketing series

Dr. Tyna Moore, ND, DC is a regenerative medicine specialist, is the founder of the docere mastermind class, along with running a heart-centers badass marketing group. She presents a 2-part webinar series: What is a List and Why Do you Need One? and What is Your Intro Email Sequence?

Valerie Gettings social media series

Dr. Valerie Gettings, ND, Former NMSA International President gives a short and sweet talk on how to make sure your social media posts are seen and are effective to reach your goals

How to hack contracts

NMSA Executive Director, Stephanie Fogelson has 20 years of business acumen and is an invaluable resource to the NMSA. She walks students through how to navigate signing a contract- a much needed skill for new graduates.