Video Resources

2022 NMSA Updates

The 2021/2022 Board hosted a webinar showcasing what happens at the International level of the NMSA. In addition, a quick briefing of all the member benefits and the additional free memberships you receive as a member of the NMSA!

2021 Oncology Competition

Check out the NMSA's first Integrative Oncology Competition. Teams were comprised of two students from different Naturopathic Medical Schools across North America. Questions were prepared by Dr. Gurdev Parmar, ND, FABNO

Emergency Medicine Series with Dr. Joy Hardison

Join emergency medicine physician, Dr. Joy Hardison, MD, MPH of Healthtopia Clinics, for an interactive monthly demonstration of various emergency scenarios relevant to primary care. Dr. Hardison and her team will lead a case-based workshop followed by a Q&A segment.

Fullscript – From Graduate to Greatness

Dr. Holly Lucille, ND, RN from Fullscript presents to the NMSA on how to bridge the gap from pupil to practitioner harnessing the power of fullscript

Standard Process – Whole Food Advantage

Dr. Brandon Metzger, PhD & Sara Le Brun-Blashka from Standard Process discuss the evolution of whole foods and its importance in diet for health

Building Resilience and a Practice in COVID-19

Dr. Sydney Freggiaro is a 2019 graduate of Bastyr university, former NMSA international VP of communications and Chapter President of NMSA Bastyr university. She sits on the executive committee of the naturopathic medicine institute and is a proponent of vitalistic medicine. She discusses how to start a practice from the ground up in an unlicensed state.

Common Gut Dysfunction and Chronic Illness

Kiran Krishnan, Chief Science Officer for Microbiome Labs, presents the most common dysfunctions of the standard American gut in chronic illness: an illumination from COVID-19

Allopathic View of Naturopathic Medicine: How to Conversate

Dr. Preston Moore, PharmD, VP of Science & Technology for Hyatt Life Sciences, brings an informative webinar on how to talk about naturopathic medicine in an allopathic dominated world.

COVID-19: Vaccines and Updates

Dr. Heath Zwickey, PhD discusses some COVID-19 updates and talks about the vaccines. (Originally presented March 9, 2021)