Welcome to the 2020 NMSA-ANR Virtual Naturopathic Retreat!


The NMSA and the ANR collectively represent leadership that serves the student body.

We are partnering for the 2020 virtual retreat to bring all students together

and we will stop at nothing to support students during this time.


Full Retreat Registration: 25 USD

One Day Registration: 15 USD


Connect with fellow students and Naturopathic Doctors while deepening your relationship to self and to the body's natural healing abilities.


Find inspiration through a variety of naturalistic and vitalistic presentations, personal chats with doctors, and exercises to help hone the minds eye.


Reinvigorate your mind, body, and soul through multiple healing workshops, spiritual exercises, and intentional gathering as a community.

Virtual Retreat Activities


Multiple sessions focused on connecting to our bodies through movement and various physical modalities, to ground us in our experience and strengthen awareness of what is our and what is not. Activities will include but are not limited to Qi Gong, virtual herb walks, dancing, EFT/tapping, and Craniosacral Therapy.


Talks and activities will focus on harnessing the healing power of nature for a one of a kind nature cure and vitalism download that is often lacking in standard school coursework. Learn from elders and teachers with deep knowledge of the roots of Naturopathic medicine and its traditional use in healthcare approaches.


Strengthening our communities is now more essential than ever. We hope to encourage this through interactive events, group chats with doctors, and local gatherings. Connecting through the truth of our medicine will be the driving force for Naturopathic Medicine to progress well into the future.

Speakers & Activity Leaders

TBA Soon!

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