3-day intensive event with lectures, socials, trivia challenges, and the greatest networking in the profession!


Held at the Oregon Conference Center, August 15-17, in conjunction with the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians for the third year.

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Sponsors of the NMSA Cup COmpetition  2019

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NMSA 2019 Speakers

We are excited to bring some of the biggest and most exciting names in the in the ND community to the Conference this year!

Dr. Eric Yarnell

Organoleptic Botanical Workshop

Top 10 American Herbs You Should Know + Botanical Organoleptic Workshop


Dr. Joshua Corn

Organoleptic Botanical Workshop

How to Find Health at Any and Every Size


Dr. Eli Camp

Organoleptic Botanical Workshop

Strange, Rare, Peculiar, & Complete Symptoms: How Unique Presentations will Help You Prescibe with Better Results


Drs. AnnAlisa Behling

Use of Laser Therapies in Pre-Licensed States

Use of Laser Therapies in Pre-Licensed States



Drs. Drew Timmermans

Use of Injection Therapies in Naturopathic Practice

Use of Injection Therapies in Naturopathic Practice

Paul Stamets

 The Bio-therapeutics of Mushrooms



Dr. Andrea McBeth

What the Microbiome & Fecal Microbiota Transplantations are Telling Us

David Gallina

Organoleptic Botanical Workshop

Movement Tools for Healthcare Practitioners



Dr. Sara Polanco

 A Culture-Centered Approach to Health Communication

A Culture-Centered Approach to Health Communication

Dr. Klee Bethel

Use of Injection Therapies in Naturopathic Practice

Use of Injection Therapies in Naturopathic Practice

Dr. Thomas Kruzel

Safe Use of Low-Dose Herbal Interventions



Dr. Somesh Kaushik

Organoleptic Botanical Workshop

Ayurvedic Medicine and Naturopathy


Dr. Sarah Hazel

Organoleptic Botanical Workshop

 Gemstones for Non-Needle Acupuncture & its uses



Dr. David Nelson

Placebo as Medicine

Nature is Medicine

What's unique to the NMSA conference?

  • Exciting speakers from a variety of medical backgrounds, including professionals and students!
  • Free social events exclusively for NMSA Conference registrants!
  • Community building exercise activities!
  • Vendor Passport designed to introduce students to new practice resources, interactive opportunities for raffle prizes, and special student discounts!
  • Access to the AANP Conference and speakers!
  • Coordinated networking with practicing medical professionals!
  • Learn how naturopathic medical students just like you are making a difference in their communities throughout North America!

NMSA Cup Competition

The annual NMSA Cup is an inter-chapter collegiate bowl trivia competition for naturopathic medical students.

Every year, each of our 9 Chapters creates a team to represent their school. This event pits the finest student medical minds against each other to battling for school supremacy. The competition is fast, furious, fun, and gives the winning team a year of bragging rights.

Contact your local chapter to find out how to become an NMSA Cup team member.


These companies and organizations help fund fellowships, events, scholarships, and travel that allow NMSA members to thrive throughout their ND education