NMSA International is proud to announce our Fellowship offerings provided by


Thank you to NCMIC for providing an opportunity for students to develop their leadership and advocacy skills while working to progress the Naturopathic profession.

Thank you NPLEX for providing an opportunity for students to develop, carry out, and present clinical projects to the Naturopathic community.


Thank you to Standard Process for allowing students to get on opportunity to work with a world class company while gaining a niche education.


*NOTE: This Fellowship is for US students only, as Standard Process does not distribute to Canada!*

Information and Applications

Grant provided by: Standard Process

Students will receive an opportunity to work on special projects under the mentorship of Standard Process, culminating in the presentation of research to medical professionals.

Two award recipients will receive $6,000 USD each, in house training at Standard Process, virtual education, and will provide 2 publishable nutritional case papers to send to outside research groups.

Please find the description and application below

Grant provided by: NPLEX

Students will work with local mentors on special projects, to contribute to the education of their colleagues and patients in adherence to Docere, culminating in presentation at the NMSA Annual Conference August 17th-18th, 2019.

One award recipient will receive $5,000 USD to be used specifically for project proposal, project outline, research, and presentation at the NMSA Conference. The research project and presentation will recognize the individuals educational institution, the NMSA, and NPLEX as supporters of this award.

Please find more information and the application below.

Grant Provided by: NCMIC

Students will work with the NMSA to develop leadership skills, advance external affairs, work on behalf of the NMSA, and coordinate NMSA involvement in legislative efforts.

Two award recipients will receive $1,500 to be put towards advocacy projects and legislative activities.

Please find the description and application below.