Devin Stone

VP of Development
  • Location: Bastyr University - San Diego

12 Years ago, I graduated UC Riverside with a degree in medical biology and my world in health began. At this time, I started a well-known integrative medicine clinic in Hollywood, CA. During this time, I furthered my education by pursuing a graduate education in Regenerative Medicine from University Utrecht, Netherlands. From here, I went on to obtain other certificates in fields such as nutrition, cancer biology, alternative medicine, drugless medicine, and more. Now I am working on my naturopathic medical degree focusing on Naturopathic Medicine at Bastyr University.

During my professional development, it became very obvious to me that healthcare needed to be looked at from a different angle. It needed to focus more on the fundamental principles of health: health mindsets, good food, clean water, exercise… When these thoughts hit me it drove me into creating a natural wellness and supplement brand that I have been operating for the last four years. During this time it allowed me to find Naturopathic Medicine and for a new opportunity to grow and give back to the healthcare field.