Amanda Garcia

Amanda Daniella Garcia is a third year Naturopathic Medical Student at Canadian College of Naturopathic medicine in Toronto. Born and raised in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, she has always valued community and knowledge. These values ultimately brought her to medicine after realizing her true passion lies in educating and empowering people with knowledge on how to live healthier lifestyles. 


She got involved in her local CCNM NMSA chapter from the beginning of her naturopathic journey as the social media chair, then president-elect, and now president. She is excited to work alongside her board this year to strengthen connections within the community and hopefully host in-person events. When she isn’t studying for classes, planning NMSA events, or uncovering new places to eat, she is working on her small business, SANA Plantas Curan. Her business is all about educating people on herbal properties in English and Spanish, and selling some homemade herbal products on Etsy.

Sumar Chams

Sumar Chams is a fourth-year naturopathic medical student studying in Toronto, Ontario. She graduated from Western University in 2017 with a Bachelors of Science Honors Specialization in Nutrition and Dietetics. Sumar is currently the 2020-2021 Chapter President of the NMSA at CCNM. Before taking on this position, she was the Integrative Medicine Co-chair in 2018 and the President-Elect in 2019.

As a future Naturopathic Doctor, Sumar strives to help her patients discover the root cause of their health concerns. As a strong supporter of evidence-based medicine, Sumar looks forward to help build the growing body of complementary and alternative medicine research and provide integrative medical care in a collaborative setting. Sumar is passionate about giving back to her
community and is currently a member of the Interprofessional Healthcare Students Association at the University of Toronto.
Her passion for preventative health and lifestyle stemmed from her experiences working with the Canadian Cancer Society for four years as well as dedicating her time within the interprofessional healthcare space. In her free time, Sumar loves to read, swim at the beach, play basketball and spend time with her big vibrant family.