Stacy (Anastasia) Rempel

Stacy is a second year Naturopathic medicine student at NUNM. She is a born and raised Pacific Northwestener to Russian immigrant parents who showed her the beauty of natural medicine. As a future naturopathic doctor, she aims to serve her community through education and access to care in their native tongue. Living in the Pacific Northwest, her free time is filled with eating incredible food, exploring mountains, and reading a book on the rainy days.

Jasmine Karimi

My name is Jasmine Karimi and I’m a third year student at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM). I got inspired to join this profession, after my own struggles with anxiety and depression. In my experience, there was no one decision to shift my life around. It was a series of choices to take back my power. Through studying naturopathic medicine, I hope be a reminder for people that they have the power within themselves to heal and create new versions of themselves. When not focusing on learning, I enjoy spending time outdoors, traveling, and bouldering.

Gabriella Cunha

Gabriella Cunha is in her 3rd year at Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto. Her educational and professional background is in dance education from University of the Arts in Philadelphia. As dance and movement became a healing modality for Gabriella, she sought out certifications in yoga and reiki. She now teaches virtual dance exercise, yoga, and meditation classes, and strives to incorporate intelligent and expressive forms of movement alongside naturopathic principles and tools. Having worked for years in administrative positions for dance studios, Gabriella is thrilled to support NMSA’s mission in an administrative role this year. She hopes to improve intra-professional connection and access to opportunities and resources for all naturopathic students.

Ritchie Lee

Ritchie is a father of four, and a native of Los Angeles, California. After his 8-year career as a naval officer, and a 2-year entry as a midwifery student, Ritchie decided to pursue an education at Bastyr University, Washington as a naturopathic doctor. Amazed by the powers of nature, Ritchie is committed to empowering families in navigating the wonderful journey of better health.

Ritchie strives to be a powerful wizard of all things administrative at NMSA.

Ritchie’s free time is spent playing video games, tossing his four kids in the air, and exploring Washington’s abundant natural beauty.

Pronouns: He/Him