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I want to offer a warm welcome to the incoming students beginning their journey through naturopathic medical school! You have chosen to embark on a unique and highly fulfilling career path that will forever change you. For the returning students, welcome back to in-person classwork and clinic!

I am honoured to be writing to you as the President of the Naturopathic Medical Student Association. Our board is made up of students who volunteer their time, and we are here to represent you and add to your experience as a Naturopathic Medical student at one of the eight accredited schools.

As we move into the Fall season and quarter, excitement is in the air. Similar to how the trees are losing their leaves and starting fresh, we are also re-committing to another year of learning and welcoming hundreds of new Naturopathic Medicine students to campus. It is exciting to see new students on campus, and I encourage us all to make a little extra effort to welcome them. In addition, the local NMSA chapter on each campus will be hosting events this Fall quarter, which will be a great way to meet new faces and reconnect after years of online learning.

It will be my last year as a student, and I feel incredibly grateful for all of you who have chosen our profession. In this upcoming year, I want the NMSA to look at what we offer students with a new perspective because as all of you grow, we must evolve as well. I hope you can all connect with your local chapters and share what is important to you as a student.

My email is always open, and I welcome your suggestions. I look forward to connecting with you all this coming year!


In health,

Sierra Windsor

NMSA International President



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